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Do you know that HTTPS is mandatory for many types of websites, for example E-Commerces
Why having an HTTP website when HTTPS is not only the future, but the present?
HTTPS, in fact, is a protocol used for communicating on the web, much more secure than the HTTPS version: in fact, data exchange is protected by cryptography, using TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocols.


With HTTPS, all the data passing through your website will be encrypted and more secure, thanks to the TLS/SSL protocols. Thanks to HTTPS, it will be much harder to intercept and steal the data.


Because of the growing numbers of data thefts, users have become more aware of the risks they’re taking online. Thanks to the full green padlock, your website will be considered more reliable and secure from the users.


Google has stated that the usage of HTTPS instead of HTTP, will have a beneficial impact on the website’s ranking. So, in short, you will get an advantage on your competitors that are still using HTTP.


Thanks to the SSL Certificate, and if your hosting provider supports it, your website can use the HTTP 2.0 standard, which is much faster than HTTP 1.0/1.1. You will get an almost instantaneous improvement in speed!

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  • Http website not secure and with a high risk of data theft;
  • Very high security danger for ecommerce websites;
  • Not reliable for the users;
  • Slow and without SEO advantages.


  • Completely secured website in HTTPS, without mixed content problems, with the green padlock;
  • More trustworthy website according to the users;
  • Safer and more secure ecommerces;
  • Quicker thanks to the use of HTTP 2.0, and with more SEO advantages.


Frequently asked questions.

  • Will I have SEO issues after migrating to HTTPS?

    The HTTPS migration is very delicate for SEO: if done wrong, it can be extremely negative. This is because Google treats the two versions (HTTP and HTTPS) as two completely different websites; having both versions active and working, without redirecting to the HTTPS version, means duplicating the website, which will cause issues to your ranking.

    Furthermore, although Google stated that the HTTPS version has a higher consideration in its algorithm, sometimes the migration causes a temporary drop in ranking (from 1 day to 2 weeks, or more). This is due to the redirects from HTTP to HTTPS.

    Once Google “understands” the migration, the ranking will come back, and often be better than before!

    If you’re worried, don’t be: it’s in Google’s interests that all websites migrate to HTTPS without issues; you just have to follow a few simple rules and wait for Google to recrawl the website.

  • Which steps will I have to follow once the migration is done?

    Once the work is done, we will send you a complete report, together with the instructions to follow to allow Google to understand the HTTPS migration as fast as possible.

  • Why can't I use a plugin for getting HTTPS on my website?

    Many clients turn on us after having tried some of the plugins that promise to make the website secure in one click.
    Although these plugins are well made and they work well in some cases, in many others they can cause a lot of issues and headaches:

    • website can slow down due to more plugins in use;
    • some elements could still be unsecure, like hard-coded ones;
    • if not configured correctly, it could block the website and make it unusable.

    This without considering that, by disabling it, the website would get back to HTTP.

  • Why can't I do it by myself?

    We advise everyone that is not at ease with some techniques, like backing up the database, replacing URL in it, modifying theme’s or WordPress’ files, or adding the 301 redirect on all pages, not to try to migrate themselves,
    because if not done correctly, it could cause both SEO issues and serious problems to the website itself (making it unusable).

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This is my second order alreadu. With them, migrating to HTTPS is a piece of cake, and in both cases they supported me after the migration, SEO-wise. I can only recommend their services to whoever needs professionals that know exactly where to get their hands on.


Our process

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First analysis of the website, and check of the requirements



Complete database and website backup



HTTPS migration of the website and addition of the automatic 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS



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